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50 Years in Business.  Est.: 1967

51 Washway Road
M33 7AB

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About this Site

Customer Details

Only the email facility of this website can be used to pass customer information to Hi-Fi Stereo.  The customer should decide what information is appropriate to provide in order for Hi-Fi Stereo to respond effectively.  Each email will be retained for as long as necessary in order to respond to the message.  In some cases, it may be appropriate for Hi-Fi Stereo to retain an email if it is in the customer's interest to do so (for example, if the customer is awaiting the launch of a new product and wishes Hi-Fi Stereo to contact him or her once it is available).

We do not pass a customer's details on to other parties unless:
  • it is appropriate to do so in order to respond to an email and we have the customer's expressed permission to do so; or
  • it is appropriate to pass the details on to the police for the purposes of preventing or detecting a crime.

Design and Content

This site has been designed with accessibility issues in mind and is best viewed with Internet Explorer.  If you find that something's been overlooked that prevents you from having a pleasant browsing experience, please let us know.

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Hi-Fi Stereo Ltd. is not responsible for the content of external sites that this site links to.

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