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Audiolab M-DAC nano: the perfect portable partner

Audiolab M-DAC nano wireless, portable DAC


Audiolab has an enviable reputation for digital-to-analogue converters - just ask anyone who owns one of their DACs or products that use them, such as the superb 6000A amplifier. Audiolab's expertise can now be found in a portable DAC: the M-DAC nano.

A product designed for the portable market should be small and lightweight. The M-DAC nano is just that. To further enhance its value for portable listening, the nano is a wireless streamer, which accepts Bluetooth aptX signals from portable devices - so no cable is required between the source and the nano. Another nice touch is Audiolab's inclusion of a microphone, enabling calls and voice control (e.g. Siri) to happen within earshot of the nano, not necessarily the phone.

Charging the unit is done wirelessly, too. Placing it on the Qi charging pad for two hours provides eight hours of playback.

The numbers are impressive and illustrate the M-DAC nano's high-res credentials. It can upsample signals to 32-bit/384kHz prior to converting them to analogue and sending them to the nano's built-in headphone amp.

The Audiolab M-DAC nano costs just £149 - a bargain, given its thoughtful features and fantastic sound quality. It's in stock now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:28/12/2019

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