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Sonos One SL speaker will leave you speechless!

Sonos One SL music player


The Sonos One speaker is a clever, streaming speaker but purchasing one may mean you're now paying more than you have to, especially if you already own a microphone-equipped Sonos product. The new Sonos One SL speaker is identical to the One in looks and performance; it just doesn't have the built-in voice control.

If you don't need voice control functionality (built in to the unit - the One SL can still be partnered with other devices for voice control) or you already have a Sonos One and wish to add a second one to form a stereo pair or partner them in a Sonos surround-sound set-up, you no longer have to purchase another Sonos One. The Sonos One SL will do the job just as well for £20 less (£179). (There's no benefit to having two voice-enabled Ones in the same room; having a One or a Sonos Beam allows a One SL to become voice-activated, too.)

Like the One, the One SL is available in black or white and can stream music from a wide array of sources, including internet radio stations, streaming services and NAS drives. And Apple AirPlay 2 allows music to be streamed from iPhones and iPads. The One SL is controlled via the slick Sonos app or the touch-sensitive controls on the top panel.

As with all Sonos devices, the performance of the One SL will, aptly, leave you speechless! This great-value option from Sonos is in stock at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:08/11/2019

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