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Fyne F501 speaker


Fyne Audio may be a new company but its founders have years of experience in the hi-fi industry and it shows in the company's initial products. In no time, this British firm's speakers have won five-star reviews, group tests and awards.

The two most popular models are the F302 and the F501. Both are the cheapest floorstanding speakers in their respective ranges: the F300 Series and the F500 Series.

A pair of Fyne Audio F302 speakers costs just £399, which makes them one of the most affordable floorstanding options around. Available in walnut, black ash or light oak, the F302s deliver a performance that's extremely accomplished for the price.

But those with a greater budget (£1,199) will be seriously interested in Fyne Audio's F501 speakers. The gently curved cabinets sport rich-looking, real-wood veneers in a choice of dark oak or black oak. Like most speakers these days, the grilles are held in place by magnets. However, the F501s have magnets around the back, too, providing a novel storage option for when the grilles aren't in use.

The IsoFlare drive unit has the tweeter placed at the centre of a mid-bass unit. A second 15cm woofer provides additional bass. Most speakers have a port or two to expel bass soundwaves that have built up inside the cabinet and these are usually located on the cabinet's front or rear panels. Fyne takes a different approach with the F500 Series: the BassTrax arrangement has the energy escape through the bottom of the cabinet and disperses it from the plinth in all directions. This makes the speakers easier to place, avoiding the boominess that can occur when some speakers are placed close to a wall.

The F501s have been highly praised for their engaging delivery.

Both the F300 Series and the F500 Series include standmount speakers and home cinema speakers.

It's a fine start for Fyne Audio, as you can hear for yourself at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:12/10/2018

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