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Q Acoustics 3000i Series speakers: bigger and better

Q Acoustics Q 3020i speakers


Q Acoustics' has replaced its 3000 Series with the modestly named 3000i Series. The addition of an "i" suggests that the new speakers are slightly tweaked versions of the outgoing speakers they replace. However, the 3000i Series speakers sport many improvements over their predecessors.

The most obvious difference is that the new speakers have larger cabinets, enhancing bass performance.

The top-end is also improved, thanks to a new tweeter that is capable of reproducing higher frequencies thus lowering distortion.

Given these changes, the crossover units have also been revised to optimise the sound produced.

The new cabinets also incorporate improved bracing to keep the cabinets rigid, resulting in a solid enclosure that doesn't colour the sound with unwanted sound waves.

Finish options are Arctic White, Carbon Black, Graphite Grey and English Walnut and, now, the chosen finish can be seen on all sides of the cabinet. All finish options are the same price i.e. there's no premium for certain options. As before, the looks of the front panels are not compromised by peg holes for the grilles as the (supplied) grilles attach to the speakers via magnets.

The drive units are now surrounded by chrome bezels, further enhancing the speakers' classy looks.

Another beneficial change is the redesign of how the cable terminals are fixed to the cabinet. Previously, the terminals were on a large scuplted panel, embedded in the cabinet. Now, the terminals are mounted to the speaker itself, providing a neater look and further increasing the cabinet's internal volume. The terminals are capable of accepting good-quality banana plugs.

The most popular speakers are likely to be the Q 3010i and Q 3020i bookshelf speakers costing £199 and £249 per pair respectively. Floorstanding and home cinema speakers are also available, though.

With the new 3000i Series speakers, Q Acoustics has outdone itself and produced yet another winning range of budget (but high-quality) speakers. They're now available at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:22/09/2018

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