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B&W 600 Series speakers: All change!

B&W 606 speaker


Sometimes, the differences between an outgoing, say, range of speakers and its successor are minimal, making it difficult to get excited about the new products. That is not the case with the new B&W 600 Series!

The first thing that stands out about the latest iteration of the 600 Series is how concise the range is. Despite being B&W's most affordable range of conventional speakers, there are very few models to choose from. Those that can't easily make up their minds should be drawn to it! As should anyone else because the new 600 Series benefits from technologies and design touches first introduced by more prestigious B&W ranges (such as the 700 Series).

Gone are B&W's yellow kevlar drive units, replaced by the no less distinctive but far more elegant Continuum drive units. These silver units produce an accurate mid-range. Changes to the tweeter are more subtle but no less important. In a further change from previous 600 speakers, the bass reflex ports are now on the rear panels.

Another enhancement is the way the front grilles attach to the speakers. Magnets are now employed so the absence of peg holes creates a neat front front baffle.

B&W's model numbers can be confusing. The more prestigious ranges have higher numbers (e.g. 700 Series) but, within a range, the higher up the range you go, the smaller the number. So, here's a quick round-up of the new speakers:

  • 607 (£399) - This slim, bookshelf/stand-mount speaker may be the entry-level speaker but it still packs a punch.
  • 606 (£549) - This larger, bookshelf/stand-mount speaker will undoubtedly prove to be the range's best seller. In previous iterations of B&W's 600 Series, the large bookshelf/stand-mount speaker has always been the most popular model with our customers. The 606 takes advantage of the larger cabinet, including a larger Continuum driver.
  • 603 (£1,249) - This large floorstanding speaker includes two bass drivers, allowing the Continuum driver to focus solely on the mid-range. The bass drivers are now paper cones instead of aluminium.
  • HTM6 (£399) - For many, a conventional pair of front speakers is a must for music listening but customers can love movies just as much. Adding the HTM6 centre speaker is the perfect solution, providing a seamless front soundstage for home cinema when partnered with other speakers in the range.

B&W offers a wide choice of acclaimed subwoofers and some now have the same matte finish options (black, white) as the new 600 Series speakers.

As one might expect, the new B&W 600 Series speakers really perform. They don't just give us plenty to write about; they give us something to write home about! They boast plenty of changes and you may want to change your speakers when you hear them. You can do so now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:06/09/2018

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