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Roksan blak integrated amplifier offers power AND subtlety

Roksan blak integrated amplifier


Roksan is a master at creating powerful yet refined amplifiers. In the past, Roksan's Kandy and Caspian M2 amps have been leaders of their respective classes but the new Roksan blak amplifier shows that the company can deliver class-leading performance at an even higher price point.

An amp with the power of the blak (150 watts into 8 ohms) is likely to be used in larger rooms, with the listener sat quite far back. The large text on the blak's clear display will therefore be welcome as it can be read from some distance. The display's brightness can be adjusted. Another welcome inclusion for larger rooms is the striking, beautifully finished remote control, which also contols Roksan's matching blak CD player.

Unusually for high-end amplifiers, the blak's feature count is extensive and it includes inputs for all sorts of sources. There are three line-level phono inputs, a record deck input, a pair of XLR connections, a USB input (and, therefore, a built-in DAC) plus the ability to stream from Bluetooth devices. (The aptX Bluetooth codec is supported.)

The amp's fascia includes a 1/4-inch headphone socket and, of course, speaker connections are located on the rear panel.

The high-end components employed by the blak rival mid-range, stand-alone phono pre-amps, headphone amps, DACs, etc. and produce a punchy yet delicate sound that will please listeners of all types of music. Whilst the amp has a very healthy power rating, it doesn't need to be played loud to convey the subtleties in a recording.

Different finish options for the brushed aluminium fascia are available: Anthracite, Charcoal and Opium.

Build quality is up to Roksan's usual standards and the five-year guarantee indicates the confidence Roksan has in the amp's reliability.

The £2,800 Roksan blak integrated amplifier does a lot and does it well. It's certainly no blak, er, black sheep in Roksan's family! It's available now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:25/04/2018

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