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DALI SPEKTOR 2 speakers: more great Danes!

DALI SPEKTOR 2 speaker


The Danish speaker company, DALI, has produced some particularly special speakers at affordable prices. DALI's LEKTOR speakers were budget favourites, as is the ZENSOR range. The latest DALI range to hit the high notes at low prices is the SPEKTOR series.

The SPEKTOR 2 speakers cost just £199 per pair, making them a prime contender for a budget hi-fi separates system. It's not just the price tag that's compact; the speakers are small enough to find a home in the most modest of lounges. DALI offers a choice of black or walnut for cabinet finishes.

The SPEKTOR 2s come with simple wall brackets offering wall mounting as an option at no extra cost. The brackets don't allow the speakers to be angled but that suits the SPEKTORS as they're designed to disperse sound widely and so shouldn't be 'toed in'. The dispersion characteristics of the SPEKTOR 2 produce a 'sweet spot' that is a wider area than that produced by most speakers - there's no need to hog the best seat in the lounge to enjoy the great sound produced. Whilst wall mounting is an option, mounting the SPEKTOR 2s on stands (such as the Atacama Nexus 6i stands) is a worthwhile option, especially as the speakers are rear ported.

Other speakers available in the SPEKTOR series include home cinema speakers and the SPEKTOR 1, which is even more petite than the SPEKTOR 2 and, at £159 per pair, makes an ideal partner for a compact system such as Denon's D-M41DAB.

DALI's SPEKTOR 2 speakers have a detailed, dynamic delivery and are superb value. And these great Danes are available at Hi-Fi Stereo!

Date of article:19/10/2017

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