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Sonos One makes friends with Alexa!

Sonos One music player


Sonos' PLAY:1 music player was a hit right from its introduction. It was the cheapest way to enjoy the Sonos experience: sophisticated, high-quality wireless music playback via a system that is easy to set up and easy to control. The PLAY:1 was also the most versatile of Sonos' players. Being so dinky, it could find a home in the smallest of spaces. And with its moisture-resistant case, those spaces could include bathrooms. It was also the most popular candidate (at least for our customers) for pairing two matching Sonos speakers together as a stereo pair. A pair could even be used as rear speakers in a Sonos surround-sound setup.

Why are we talking in the past tense? The PLAY:1 is no more, replaced by the even-more-capable Sonos One.

At first glance, the Sonos One could be mistaken for a PLAY:1. The top panel has had a makeover, though, to include touch-sensitive controls. These allow a swipe to skip a track or a tap to pause playback or alter the volume.

All of the PLAY:1's features - including its great sound quality, of course - have carried over to the One but the latter also features an array of six microphones. Why? The speaker incorporates Amazon's Alexa voice-control system so playing and controlling playback of your favourite music can be done without Sonos' great app and the top-panel controls. As well as music playback, Alexa and the One can also be used for things like checking the weather, receiving traffic reports or finding out the result of the big match.

An update to the Sonos app will also allow other Sonos speakers to be controlled by Alexa, although other models need to be partnered with Alexa-enabled Amazon devices.

Despite the increased functionality, the price of the Sonos One is the same as the (eventual) SRP of the PLAY:1: £199. Colour options are also as before: black or white.

Our first delivery of Sonos One speakers is due very soon. Call Hi-Fi Stereo now to reserve one.

Date of article:19/10/2017

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