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Marantz releases UK editions of 6006 separates

Marantz CD6006 and PM6006 UK Editions


Marantz has a history of producing tweaked versions of successful amplifiers and CD players. In the '80s and '90s, we sold many SE/Special Edition versions that Marantz produced of its most popular models. Then came KI Signature products: separates that were overhauled by Marantz's legendary designer, Ken Ishiwata - hence the "KI". Now, Marantz is satisfying the discerning ears of UK customers by producing UK-only editions of the PMA6006 amplifier and the CD6006 CD player.

The 6006 separates are the most popular products in their price brackets but their grip on the market is about to tighten with the UK editions' enhancements. (The standard versions have been discontinued in the UK.) The CD player (SRP: £449) has just arrived and has already made its mark by winning a What Hi-Fi award this week.

The change to each unit's exterior is subtle: the front panels now sport a UK edition emblem. Rather more noticeable are the sonic improvements produced from the components within.

The wealth of features have been carried forward from the standard editions. For the amp, these include digital inputs (both optical and coax), a record deck input plus the ability to power two pairs of speakers. The CD player features a USB input and a headphone socket.

The Marantz CD6006 UK Edition CD player is now in stock at Hi-Fi Stereo. The amplifier will be in stock as soon as Marantz make it available.

Date of article:19/10/2017

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