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Rega Neo turntable power supply unit now available separately

Rega Neo turntable power supply unit


The just-launched Rega Planar 6 turntable features a host of new developments and enhancements that combine to produce a sensational product. One of the key components in the Planar 6 package is the Neo power supply unit, which is now available to purchase separately for £225.

The Neo drives the motor of the partnering turntable and reduces motor noise. It also provides a convenient, electonic speed switch with impressive speed stability and allows fine levels of calibration.

The Neo uses the same generator as that found in the PSU of Rega's top-of-the-range deck: the RP10. The Neo is compatible with a number of current Rega turntables including the Planar 3 and RP8. It can also partner some older Rega decks, too. If you have a Rega record player and want to boost its performance, call in to Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:06/10/2017

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