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Cyrus ONE amp with free Google ChromeCast and Tidal membership

Cyrus ONE integrated amplifier


How the hi-fi market has changed over the last decade or two. Vinyl continues to be popular - and is actually gaining in popularity - but many customers welcome the convenience and flexibilty offered by streaming products - a concept which must have seemed incredibly futuristic just 20 years ago. Some customers value both: the old and the new. Enter the Cyrus ONE amplifier, which covers all bases and is at the heart of an enticing new bundle.

Google didn't even exist twenty years ago but, like Apple, the technology company has produced software and hardware that are integral to how some listen to music.

The music streaming provider, Tidal is an even younger company but has quickly gained a lot of fans for its commitment to lossless and high resolution tracks.

One thing that hasn't changed over the years is Cyrus' reputation as a manufacturer of high-end hi-fi. And, for a limited time, each purchase of a Cyrus ONE integrated amplifier from Hi-Fi Stereo comes with a free Google Chromecast Audio streamer and three months' subscription to a TIDAL Hi-Fi account (usually £20 per month).

Whilst still retaining Cyrus' preference for half-width products, the Cyrus ONE's look is a departure from previous Cyrus models. The input and volume dials on the front panel are larger than the manufacturer normally fits and, unlike previous Cyrus amps, the headphone jack is conveniently located on the front panel. Additionally, Cyrus has incorporated two features not normally found on its integrated amps: a phono pre-amp for vinyl and aptX Bluetooth for streaming. Indeed, Bluetooth is a first for Cyrus and to find a record deck input and Bluetooth functionality on any amp is a rarity, making the Cyrus ONE appeal to a broad range of music lovers. Within the chassis, the Bluetooth receiver is located at the front of the amp, ensuring a clean signal and decent range. A remote control is supplied but iOS and Android apps can be used as an alternative.

Enhancing its appeal even further is an AV bypass mode. Lovers of both movies and music often have a conundrum: how to get great AV sound and great stereo using the same pair of stereo speakers for both applications. The Cyrus ONE will accept signals from a surround sound amp and act as a power amplifier to pump the front left and right channels through the main, stereo speakers.

Cyrus has also employed some clever touches to get the best performance from connected equipment, be it speakers or headphones. On powering up the amp, it detects the impedence of connected speakers and optimises its output accordingly. When headphones are plugged in, all the power supplies concentrate on the headphone stage, delivering a superb performance that demonstrates that the headphone socket is far more than just an afterthought.

Power output of the amp is a very healthy 100 watts per channel into 6 ohms.

With its versatility and performance, the £699 Cyrus ONE amp should appeal to discerning customers young and old. In fact, it's ONE amp to suit all. And, with this great offer, now is definitely the time to buy. To purchase this bundle, call in to Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:06/10/2017

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