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Rega Apollo CDP CD player: top-loader and top class!

Rega Apollo CDP CD player


Rega's highly anticipated new CD player - the Apollo CDP - is finally with us.

At £598, the Apollo CDP is Rega's most affordable player and is a half-width unit. However, whilst it saves width, it needs space above it as the CDP is a top-loader. Top-loading designs tend to be very reliable - there's no requirement for a moving tray or slot-loading mechanism - so it's easy to see why Rega continues to produce them.

Whilst top-loading mechanisms prompt memories of early CD players, the Apollo CDP's look is rather modern. It benefits from a pleasant facelift and now sports a curvaceous fascia.

The Rega Apollo CDP is the ideal partner for Rega's new Brio amp, both cosmetically and sonically. And the remote control supplied with the CD player will also control Rega's amps.

As well as analogue outputs, the CDP features optical and coaxial digital outputs to connect to an external DAC. However, the Apollo is home to a high-spec Wolfson DAC. The DAC plus other highly rated components and Rega's own CD control software (optimised for music playback) combine to deliver a class-leading performance.

The Rega Apollo CDP CD player draws on the British firm's experience and expertise to show what a mid-range player is capable of. It's in stock now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:06/10/2017

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