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Spendor A4 speakers: a 4-ward delivery!

Spendor A4 speakers


The Spendor A4 speaker is part of Spendor's new A-Line range and is sure to be the most popular model.

The A4 effectively replaces the A5R but don't be fooled by the lower number; the A4 has more in common with its bigger brother, the A6R (£2795), than with the model it replaces. Around the back, there's a bass reflex port - now a circular port instead of a slit - and the two drive units handling bass and mid-range have been replaced by a single, larger unit. The frame of the new bass/mid drive unit is cropped, allowing the large driver to fit in a slim cabinet.

The A4's tweeter is a new design, offering wide dispersion and incorporating a protective grille.

Typically for Spendors, the A4s bring out the best in all kinds of music, keeping track of every little detail and delivering it with impressive scale. Bass is deep and composed and high frequencies are delivered with clarity. The midrange seemlessly bridges the high and low frequencies. The speakers demonstrate Spendor's usual strengths but their refined delivery is presented in a hugely exciting, authoritative manner. When the speakers are this good, being upfront is no bad thing. The A5R was a very competent speaker but the A4 is a real step up.

Again, as always for Spendor, the speakers double as elegant pieces of furniture, with cabinets available in a choice of wooden veneers: Black Ash, Dark Walnut and Natural Oak.

The Spendor A4 speakers combine detail with infectious energy and are £2195 well spent. They're in stock now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:06/10/2017

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