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Rega Planar 6 turntable: far more than a gap filler

Rega Planar 6 turntable


Rega's new Planar 6 turntable bridges the gap between the incredibly popular Planar 3 and the high-end RP8 deck. It achieves this by carrying forward technology from the proven Planar decks, using components found on the more expensive RP decks and by introducing plenty of exciting new developments.

At the heart of the Planar 6's Polar Grey plinth is Tancast - a material developed for the aerospace industry. The deck is the first to take advantage of Tancast's properties and the new, high-pressure laminate that surrounds it, producing a plinth that is light yet rigid and scratch-resistant, too.

The new dual-layer glass platter sits on an aluminium sub-platter and is topped with an anti-static wool mat.

The Planar 6 features a new 24v motor and each deck's motor is calibrated to the PSU (see below) that will partner it. The motor contributes to high-quality audio through producing minimal vibrations but having a quick start-up time and speed stability.

Linking the motor to the platter is the "Upgrade" drive belt - fitted as standard on Rega's top models: the RP8 and RP10.

The bracing to increase rigidity and the RB330 tonearm are as those found on the Planar 3 (What Hi-Fi's turntable of the year). The tonearm on the Planar 6, though, can be factory fitted with Rega's new Ania cartridge. This new moving coil cartridge tracks grooves closely thanks to its high-powered magnet and 0.018mm meticulously wound fine coil, extracting huge amounts of detail from each pressing.

Another important new item is the Neo power supply unit. The Neo offers electronic speed switching and is presented in a smart case, resembling Rega's new Fono MM Mk3 pre-amp. Whilst each Planar 6 is supplied with a Neo that is matched to its 24v motor, the PSU will also be available to purchase separately soon and provides controls to finely alter the speed.

Two more new developments introduced by the Planar 6 are cosmetic: the dust cover is a smoked design and the turntable's feet are topped with aluminium collars.

Hi-Fi Choice is lucky enough to have reviewed the Planar 6 with Ania cartridge and described the performance as "outstanding" and that it set a new bar for turntables in the price bracket.

The cost of the Ania cartridge, tonearm and Neo alone when purchased separately is £1071 (£1321 including the platter). At £1398, the Planar 6 fitted with the Ania is astonishing value and is highly anticipated. Call in to Hi-Fi Stereo to join our waiting list for this imminent- and eagerly awaited arrival.

For a closer look before the deck arrives, view the video below.

Date of article:24/08/2017

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