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Monitor Audio Silver Series: BRACE yourself for stunning speakers!

Monitor Audio Silver 200 speaker


Monitor Audio's Silver Series has just been treated to an update and, despite the prices of the speakers remaining the same as their former equivalents, the new sixth-generation speakers have much to get us excited.

A key contributor to the design of the new speakers was the National Physical Laboratory, whose precision laser scanning identified the areas of most resonance. This informed the positioning of the cabinets' internal bracing, producing speakers that minimise unwanted vibrations that can 'colour' the sound.

Numerous colours are available for the cabinet finishes, though. Customers can choose from a variety of real wood veneers, satin white or (for a little extra cost) high gloss black.

Monitor Audio's bolt-through approach to mounting the larger drive units to the rear of the cabinet is another measure taken to reduce unwanted vibrations. Not fixing the drivers to the front baffle also ensures a smart appearance, further enhanced through having magnetic grilles instead of ones requiring peg holes.

The rear of the cabinets also sport good quality bi-wire/bi-amp sockets across the range.

The 'baby' of the new range is the Silver 50s (£500) - the smallest stand-mount speaker Monitor Audio has offered in a Silver range.

Floorstanding speakers are well represented in the new series. The Silver 200 (£1000) is the most compact floorstander and comprises a 5.25-inch drive unit for mid/bass frequencies and another one focussed on bass. These drivers are placed in their own chambers so the rear of the cabinet sports two bass reflex ports - one for each chamber. All Silver speakers are provided with foam bungs to tune the bass, if necessary. And all floorstanders have 'outrigger' feet to provide stability without the need for a plinth.

The Silver 300 (£1250) has a larger cabinet that accommodates two 6-inch drivers for bass and a 4-inch driver for mid-range. This configuration results in a speaker that can go as low as 32Hz - lower than many subwoofers!

Of course, all of the speakers in the range except the subwoofer incorporate a tweeter - two in the case of the effects speaker - and the new Silver speakers include a new design which integrates well with the other units and goes as high as 35kHz. Again, this is comfortably beyond the point that most speakers can stretch to, resulting in distortion-free performance.

Other speakers are available in the range to complete a home cinema setup. As well as the aforementioned sub, the Silver 6G series also includes surround speakers and a choice of centre channel units.

The Monitor Audio Silver 6G Series speakers are versatile in every way: they can be partnered with a wide variety of amplifiers; they don't need to be fed with a particular kind of music to show off what they can do; and they're not fussy about positioning.

Monitor Audio's imminent delivery of the new Silver Series is highly anticipated here at Hi-Fi Stereo. The speakers offer stunning performance and are sure to be a hit with customers.

Date of article:24/08/2017

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