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Denon D-M41 system is BLUE-ming marvellous!

Denon RCD-M41 CD receiver


Denon has made the best-sounding and best-value compact systems since the firm started making them. Denon's original systems were the first non-separates systems we could recommend. And every iteration Denon has produced since then has been the class-leader of its time.

What has changed in the two decades since Denon introduced the D-M3 is the birth and rise of music streaming - something acknowledged by Denon with its new RCD-M41DAB CD receiver. Despite the incredibly competitive asking price of just £279, the D-M41 incorporates Bluetooth to allow wireless music playback from Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones.

The addition of Bluetooth isn't the only enhancement over the D-M40 model that the D-M41 has replaced; Denon has carefully redesigned and upgraded the internal components so that the sound quality from all sources is improved. Signal paths are shorter, components are isolated from each other to reduce interference and, for the same reason, Bluetooth can be disabled when not in use.

As before, the unit incorporates a CD player and tuners for listening to FM, DAB or DAB+ broadcasts. Other external sources can be connected via two optical inputs and one pair of analogue phono sockets. There's also a subwoofer output, alongside the good-quality speaker terminals. To get the most out the D-M41's punchy 30 watts-per-channel output, these sockets should be used to connect to able (but still compact) speakers such as Q Acoustics' 3010 or 3020 models.

The fascia's display is clear and has four levels of brightness. The front panel also includes a headphone socket. The D-M41 is available in black or silver. The supplied remote control covers a lot of functions but is clearly laid out. It can also control many Bluetooth devices.

Denon's RCD-M41DAB CD receiver is the choice for customers wanting a respectable hi-fi on a limited budget - regardless of whether Bluetooth is required or not. For those that will take advantage of the system's streaming capabilities, Denon's latest is an absolute bargain. It's in stock now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:24/08/2017

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