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Rega RSD17 exclusive turntable commemorates Record Store Day

Rega RSD17 turntable


Record Store Day celebrates the enduring appeal of vinyl and this year's event on Saturday, 22nd April marks the 10th anniversary. To commemorate this, Rega has produced a limited edition turntable: the RSD17.

The RSD17 costs £250 and is a hybrid of the identically priced Planar 1 and the predecessor of the more expensive Planar 3: the RP3. The hybrid incorporates the RP3's plinth and the Planar 1's tonearm. The RSD17 also boasts a 12mm glass platter - a height/material combination only found on the Planar 3 - as well as an 18mm brass bearing and a Record Store Day mat for the platter.

Only 500 RSD17 record decks have been made and approximately one in every twelve have been signed, making them even more prized. Local artists Elbow, Noel Gallagher and Peter Hook are amongst the musicians who've signed decks. Distribution of these decks is a random affair and no one outside Rega knows where they have or will be delivered to.

To purchase a Rega RSD17 turntable - potentially even a signed one - call in to Hi-Fi Stereo and celebrate Record Store Day in style.

Date of article:16/04/2017

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