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B&W C5 in-ear headphones STAY in ear

B&W C5 Series 2 in-ear headphones


Whatever the "C" stands for in C5, it should stand for "comfort". B&W's C5 earphones incorporate many measures to ensure that the listening experience is a comfortable one - not always the case with earphones.

Four differently sized pairs of ear tips are provided to ensure a close match to the listener's ear canal. This is a standard measure, adopted by many earphone producers but other design touches are unique. Firstly, the C5s incorporate tungsten weights, which affect the balance, angling the earphones towards the ear so that the audio fires straight into it and the C5s remain in position. The chances of the C5s being dislodged are further reduced by B&W's secure loop feature. Once the tips are in the ear canal, the secure loop can be extended to hug the contours of the ear. Using the secure loop is optional, though.

A comfortable listen means nothing if the sound reproduction makes one wince. As one would expect from B&W, that certainly isn't the case. (Speaking of cases, a nice storage pouch is supplied with the C5s.) The 9.2mm drive units produce a powerful sound that packs a punch. The filter at the rear of the C5 allows air to escape, effectively turning the earphones into an open design that delivers a spacious sound.

The cable supplied with the C5s incorporates a remote control and a microphone and is fully compatible with most iPods, iPhones and iPads. It can also be used with non-Apple devices but, whilst the cable will always transfer the sound, the control elements are not guaranteed to be compatible.

Some sources and higher resolution audio files deserve premium earphones. The C5's fit the bill - and your ear - perfectly. They're available now from Hi-Fi Stereo and cost £119.99 per pair.

Date of article:28/10/2016

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