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B&W P7 wireless headphones: luxury on the move

B&W P7 Series 2 wireless headphones


B&W has a fabulous track record of producing outstanding speakers so it's no wonder that the company also has such a fantastic range of headphones.

Central to the new P7 Series 2 wireless headphones are the 40mm full-range drive units. These reproduce music with authority. The headphones are not just comfortable to listen to; they're comfortable to wear, too, being fashioned from soft, luxurious leather. Instead of sitting on the ear, like some designs, the P7s enclose it. The enclosures incorporate memory foam, providing a snug fit and a barrier to external noise.

The P7s offer aptX Bluetooth connectivity for playback of high-resolution audio. The headphones' memory can store the connection details for eight Bluetooth devices. Audible cues as to Bluetooth status, etc. can be played through the headphones but there is also an LED indicator that conveys the state of Bluetooth connections or the battery level. Battery life is excellent, with 17 hours' playback provided at average volume levels.

A cable is supplied for using the P7s with non-wireless products or when the headphones are out of power.

The folding design and supplied leather pouch offer further encouragement to take the P7s wherever you go, as does the ability to answer calls made to a connected phone.

The B&W P7s are a premium product. They're well designed with discreet controls and well built with high-quality materials. And, after years of use, components can be easily replaced. They're beautifully presented and positive first impressions gained on unboxing them are only enhanced through use. They offer portable listening (and the option of wired listening, too) with no compromises.

At £319.99, the P7's SRP is less than the original asking price of the highly acclaimed P5 Series 2 wireless headphones (the next model down). And, ticking so many boxes, they represent superb value for money, as emphasized by reviews and awards. They're in stock at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:28/10/2016

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