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Mission LX-2 speakers: top of the class

Mission LX-2 speaker


With the new LX-2 speakers, Mission has produced yet another class-leading speaker.

As good as the LX-2 drive units are, the design of the smart, modern cabinet plays an important role in producing a great sound. The internal bracing of the LX-2's cabinet helps it stay rigid despite the (necessary) vibrations produced by the drive units and reflex port. This rigidity means that the sound isn't coloured by further vibrations travelling through the speaker's chassis.

The LX-2s adopt Mission's preferred drive unit arrangement with the tweeter being placed below the mid/bass unit. As the tweeter protrudes slightly compared to the mid/bass cone, its output has a head start on reaching the listener's ear. By positioning the tweeter lower down, the high frequencies have slightly further to travel than the bass frequencies, therefore having the output from both units reach the ear at the same time. This aligns the two signals to produce a cohesive sound.

Mission was going to apply a £200 SRP to the LX-2s. At that price, they would be great speakers for the money, given the sound and build quality. At the actual SRP (£169.99 per pair), they represent stunning value for money. No wonder they're already proving popular with our customers. Hear a pair now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:28/10/2016

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