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Marantz 6006 separates: predictably good!

Marantz PM6006 amplifier and CD6006 CD player


Marantz is getting a bit predictable! Every two or three years, the firm updates its sub-£400 amps and CD players to ensure that it still has the best-sounding and best-value budget separates on the market. And then increments the model numbers by one. So it's goodbye to the PM6005 amplifier and CD6005 CD player and hello to the PM6006 and CD6006.

The PM6006 integrated amplifier has been uprated to handle higher peaks and drive a wider variety of speakers.

As before, the onboard DAC can accept 24-bit/192kHz signals but there are now more inputs to feed it. The PM6006 includes two optical and one coaxial digital input. On the analogue side, there are inputs for a record deck plus up to four line-level sources (such as a CD player). One of these can be a recorder.

The PM6006 can power two pairs of speakers and have either pair or both pairs running. (Or neither if listening on headphones.)

As with the amp, some of the CD6006 CD player's new touches are invisible until the unit is listened to. The CD6006 incorporates uprated components and redesigned circuitry to squeeze every detail from the music fed to it, be it stored on a CD or a USB storage device such as an iPod or iPhone.

When listening on headphones, there's no need to power up an amp as the CD player includes a headphone jack with volume control. This integrated headphone amplifier has also been upgraded.

One visible change is a new remote control - see below. The unit's feet have also been modified to absorb more vibrations.

Each of these models is supplied with a remote control that can control the other product, too. In fact, it's the same remote; buy both models and you have a spare handset!

The evolution of Marantz' amps and CD players continues with these great separates. The PM6006 amp and CD6006 CD player are in stock at Hi-Fi Stereo. And we predict great success for these models.

Date of article:16/08/2016

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