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B&W CM S2 speakers: luxurious looks and great sound

B&W CM8 S2 speaker


For years, B&W has been hitting the heights with all sorts of speakers: conventional speakers, stylish, surround-sound packages, portable, Blutooth speakers and headphones.

B&W's new CM series are conventional speakers in terms of application. But the stylish looks, solid build quality and detailed sound are anything but conventional. This second series of CM products incorporates technology developed for B&W's more expensive ranges. For example: the anti-resonance plug that sits in the centre of the mid/bass drive units was developed for the company's £1999 PM1 standmounters.

Another approach B&W has taken to reduce resonance is separating the newly designed tweeter from the cabinet using a special gel. This helps the cabinet remain stable and free from vibration - something also helped by the real wood construction and internal bracing. The cabinets are beautifully finished in either gloss black, satin white or rosenut finishes.

For the S2 speakers, improvements have also been made to internal cabling, the crossover unit and the (bi-wireable) input terminals.

The CM series' revisions are accompanied by tried-and-tested B&W features such as Kevlar drive units and dimpled ports.

The CM1 S2 (£649 per pair) is the smallest of the stand-mount speakers in the range. The CM8 S2 (£1499 per pair) is the most affordable floorstander and includes two bass drivers plus another dedicated to midrange, combining to produce a big sound for a slim speaker. Other models are available, including surround-sound options. Hear these luxurious speakers now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:16/08/2016

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