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Rega products now available at Hi-Fi Stereo

A selection of Rega products


We are very proud to announce that Hi-Fi Stereo is now a stockist of Rega products.

Rega has a flawless reputation for its turntables. Every one of the new Planar decks has received five-star reviews. Check out What Hi-Fi's reviews of the Planar 1, Planar 2 and Planar 3. Prices start from just £248.

Rega's top models offer vinyl lovers hugely engaging listening experiences. Rega's RP8 partnered with the APHETA 2 MC cartridge is highly renowned. The ultimate set-up would have at its heart Rega's RP10 turntable with the APHELION MC cartridge fitted.

Rega's vinyl-related offerings also extend to hand-made cartridges, tonearms and phono stages for all budgets. Like Rega's decks, the company's phono pre-amps are a magnet for awards. The £89 Fono Mini A2D features a USB output in addition to phono outputs. Further up the range are the multi-award-winning Fono MM and the high-end Aria (described by What Hi-Fi as being of rare quality). The Aria is compatible with moving coil and moving magnet cartridges and features adjustable settings to ensure optimum performance from the feeding cartridge. It's the perfect partner for Rega's RP8 or RP10 deck with the APHETA 2 cartridge.

Rega's expertise extends to other electronics and speakers, too, allowing a complete Rega system to be assembled. The Apollo-R CD player is a half-sized separates CD player. For larger budgets, Rega offers the Saturn-R: essentially a DAC and CD transport in one chassis. All players are top-loaders. Rega also offers a stand-alone DAC: the DAC-R.

Whilst Rega established its business with turntable products, it also produces class-leading integrated amplifiers. The range starts with the half-size Brio-R - armed with a phono stage and remote control. The Elex-R and Elicit-R amps are standard width and pump out 72 watts and 105 watts per channel respectively (into 8 ohms, more into 6 or 4). Both amps were adjudged best in their class at the 2014 and 2015 What Hi-Fi Awards.

And the chain can be completed with a pair of Rega speakers. The RX-1 is a bookshelf speaker, available in walnut, cherry or black ash real wood veneers. The RX-3 is the smallest floorstanding speaker with a distinctive collection of drive units. The mid/bass driver, tweeter and reflex port housed on the front baffle are supported by a side-firing bass driver.

We're very excited about Rega's products. They're made in England and made to delight hi-fi connoisseurs everywhere. Through Hi-Fi Stereo, they're now easily available to hi-fi fans in Sale, Cheshire and the surrounding area.

For more information about Rega's products, please call in to see us or visit Rega's site at www.rega.co.uk.

Date of article:10/08/2016

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