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Monitor Audio Bronze 2: still the budget speaker to beat

Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speaker


Monitor Audio has a history of producing excellent speakers for all budgets. But one model that consistently shows the competition the way is the largest standmount speaker of its most affordable range.

Recent iterations of the entry-level range have been the Bronze BR series then the Bronze BX series. The new range is simply called Bronze and includes floorstanders and home cinema speakers. But all eyes (and ears) will be directed towards the Bronze 2 (£280 per pair).

Removing the speaker's grilles - held in place by invisible magnets so that the front of the cabinet doesn't have peg holes - makes it clear that the Bronze 2 has evolved from its predeccesor.

The new tweeter now incorporates a venting system to allow air to escape and reduce distortion. This delivers an extended frequency range - all the way up to 30kHz. Your ears will lose track of the sound before the speakers distort.

The mid/bass driver has had a more obvious makeover. As with the BX2, the driver is bolted to the rear of the cabinet to increase rigidity and reduce resonance. But now the radiator has a uniform, dish-like construction that increases the surface area.

As before, the bass reflex port is mounted on the front of the speaker, making it easier to place the speakers close to a wall compared to a speaker that has a rear port. What you will find round the back of the speaker is a set of gold-plated bi-wire terminals.

Three of the finishes available are black oak, rosemah and walnut. The fourth finish is a new one: white ash. Each finish may be a vinyl wrap but, typically for Monitor Audio, the quality of the finish and build are both exceptional for the price.

The Monitor Audio Bronze 2 is bound to be another winner. This great new product is in stock at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:22/08/2015

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