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Marantz M-CR611 system delivers an ILLUMINATING performance

Marantz M-CR611 Melody Media Receiver


The Marantz M-CR611 system is the new leader of mid-priced systems. It follows the award-winning Marantz M-CR610 but adds some new touches.

The most obvious addition is a pair of discreet lights on the unit's fascia that complement the system's luxurious looks. The lights can be turned off or configured to glow in white, blue, green or orange.

Bluetooth is another addition to this Melody Media system, allowing streaming from a wide range of mobile devices. AirPlay and Wi-Fi are also present, as is a LAN socket and front- and rear-mounted USB inputs. More traditional sources are also included, such as a CD player and tuners for DAB/DAB+ and FM. Analogue and optical inputs extend listening options further.

Spotify Connect is now included, providing access to millions of tracks made available by the streaming market leader. As well as the Spotify app, owners of the M-CR611 may also want to download the Marantz app as an alternative to using the supplied remote control.

Marantz Melody Media systems are unusual lifestyle systems in that they include a second pair of speaker terminals. A new addition to this model is the ability to tailor the volume of each pair of speakers, as opposed to the level that is being fed to two rooms/pairs of speakers having to be the same.

The Marantz M-CR611 Melody Media receiver is another capable, versatile mid-priced lifestyle system that ticks all the boxes. The most important one is sound quality and the Marantz proves itself as a great choice for anyone, say, wanting to downsize from full-size separates. It's great value at £499.99 and is already a popular choice for our customers.

Date of article:22/08/2015

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