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Pioneer N-50A: setting the mid-price streaming standard

Pioneer N-50A network audio player


Pioneer has taken its multi-award-winning, streaming marvel, the N-50 and refined things further.

The new Pioneer N-50A supports a wide range of file types, resolutions and sources. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support are optional extras but, out of the box, the streamer handles signals received via LAN, USB sockets (types A and B), optical and coaxial inputs and via AirPlay.

Reflecting the increase in streaming directly from the Internet, the N-50A has built-in support for Spotify via Spotify Connect. And vTuner provides a gateway to thousands of radio stations.

The 3.5-inch colour LCD screen is larger than the one sported by the model's predecessor and displays album artwork, artist names, sampling rates, etc. in pin-sharp clarity.

The unit comes with a remote control but the free Pioneer ControlApp allows iOS and Android devices to control the streamer, too.

The increased dynamic range of the N-50A allows it to support higher-resolution files. Sound quality is excellent, making the Pioneer N-50A a terrific choice when converting a separates system into one that streams. Priced under £500, it's earned rave reviews and is in stock now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:22/08/2015

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