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Q Acoustics 3020 speakers: budget belters

Q Acoustics 3020 speakers


Q Acoustics' new 3000 Series is yet another range from the British manufacturer that's sure to create (sound) waves in the budget speaker arena.

Likely to be the most popular model is the 3020 bookshelf/stand-mount speaker: a speaker that is a great choice for partnering budget separates or as an upgrade to speakers that come bundled with budget lifestyle systems (like the Denon D-M39DAB).

In Matte Graphite or the rich-looking American Walnut finish, a pair of 3020s costs just £189.95. For £249.95, the speakers are available in a choice of three premium finishes: Black Lacquer, White Lacquer and the unique option of Black Leather.

The 3000 speakers feature many revisions over the 2000i Series: the cabinet, crossover, tweeter and woofer have all been uprated/improved, somehow improving the sound quality over what was a very good product.

There are other benefits and convenient touches that the 3020 offers over the 2020i. The 3020 sports a magnetic grille so, if it's removed, the front of the speaker has a nice, clean look as there are no peg holes. The speaker terminals are now located on the rear of the speaker, instead of underneath, so cables are easier to attach. And the 3020 is not as deep as its predecessor so it's more likely to fit in areas where space is at a premium.

Other models in the 3000 Series include the dinky 3010 stereo speakers, the 3050 floor standers and home cinema options.

The Q Acoustics 3020 is a budget superstar. To hear a pair, visit Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:24/06/2015

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