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Arcam CDS27 CD player: small range; big feature count

Arcam CDS27 SACD/CD/network streaming  player


Welcome to Arcam's range of CD players! Yes, the CDS27 is Arcam's only CD player (other than the UDP-411 Blu-ray player). But the player covers so many bases, it's easy to see why the range is so streamlined. As well as being a superb CD player, the CDS27 also handles SACDs and offers network streaming, too.

No matter what the source is, digital-to-analogue conversion is required. In recent years, Arcam has been showered with awards for its DAC products, such as the irDAC and miniBlink and the British firm's DAC pedigree is evident when enjoying the CDS27.

Super Audio CD may have been adopted by relatively few listeners but it's nice for fans of high-resolution formats to know that the CDS27 can play back SACD discs.

Sadly, the CDS27's streaming capabilities don't extend to internet radio or streaming services (although the addition to a system of a Sonos CONNECT unit would allow that). However, the CDS27 scores where some streamers don't and can play 24-bit/192kHz tracks stored on connected drives. And, as well as streaming via Ethernet or wirelessly, there's also the option of playing back tunes through the USB port.

Sometimes, one can have too much of a choice. But Arcam has made it easy to choose a versatile, audiophile player. And, as the CDS27 is only available in black, there isn't even a choice to be made regarding colour!

The (£800) Arcam CDS27 SACD/CD/network streaming player is in stock now at Hi-Fi Stereo and would be the ideal partner for Arcam's A19 amplifier - another star of the company's FMJ range.

Date of article:13/02/2015

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