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Cyrus Stereo 200 power amp promotion: free Qx DAC module

Cyrus Stereo 200 power amplifier


The new Cyrus Stereo 200 power amplifier (£1750) defies logic. As the name would suggest, power output is a mighty 200 watts per channel (into 6 ohms) - a phenomenal amount for any amplifier, let alone one that has such a small chassis.

The power amp uses some very clever technology to get the best sound out of any pair of speakers. The Stereo 200's Speaker Impedance Detection (SID) system will analyse the load of the connected speakers when it's powered up and adjust the output accordingly for the optimum sound quality.

The Stereo 200 is the ideal partner for, say, Cyrus' own Stream XP2 (streaming unit with pre-amp) or Pre2 DAC (DAC and pre-amp). And now is the ideal time to buy a Stereo 200 with either of these products; purchase a Stereo 200 with either a Stream XP2 or a Pre2 DAC before the end of January and receive the Qx DAC module (worth £400) free of charge.

Date of article:23/12/2014

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