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Spendor A6R speakers: furnish your lounge with great sound

Spendor A6R speakers


Spendor's A Line speakers are great partners for high-end electronics. The original A Line speakers were introduced in 2008 and we've sold many pairs of the A5 and A6 models. Spendor has revised these models hence the R suffix that now follows the model names.

The A6R speakers are priced at £2495 per pair and have received much praise from the hi-fi critics, including a recent award from What Hi-Fi, which claims the Spendor A6R to be the best floor-standing speaker over £1200.

The mid/bass drive unit of the A6R inherits the technology developed for Spendor's pricier D7 speaker. Spendor's preference is for speakers to be fed by a single run of cables, rather than a bi-wired arrangement. Consequently, only one pair of terminals can be found on the A6Rs, making the crossover unit a vital component. The crossover unit in the A6R also benefits from a revision.

Lovingly made in one of four furniture options - black ash, cherry, light oak or dark walnut - a pair of A6Rs would grace any listening room, providing something that's easy on the eye as well as the ear. And, with their immense handling power, they can easily fill large rooms with sound. But they remain composed at any volume and don't need to be driven hard to convey an incredible amount of detail, adeptly drawn out of recordings.

Hear and see the Spendor A6R speakers at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:17/12/2014

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