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B&W T7 Bluetooth speaker: listening with no limits

B&W T7 Bluetooth speaker


Wireless music players have become incredibly popular in recent years but, needing a Wi-Fi signal and a nearby plug socket, they're not ideally suited to playing tunes in the garden. Enter the B&W T7 Bluetooth speaker, which doesn't need either in order to play songs from a Bluetooth-enabled device.

The T7 is an elegant, shallow unit, housing two 50mm drivers plus two bass radiators (one at the front, one at the rear). Power output is 12 watts per channel. The unit uses a Micro Matrix honeycomb to stiffen the cabinet in order to reduce unwanted vibrations. A gloss finish wouldn't be appropriate for a truly portable speaker; the rubber surround provided by B&W offers the T7 some protection and makes it easy to grip. The surround incorporates discreet control buttons and lights.

Bluetooth aptX compatibility allows high-resolution tracks to be played back. (aptX reduces file sizes prior to transmitting them to compatible speakers.)

There's no need to limit the T7's use to the outdoors or streaming; the size of the speaker makes it a good choice for, say, bedrooms and kitchens. And there's a 3.5mm input round the back for hooking up a source component with a cable.

Playback time is extremely impressive. A full charge will provide 18 hours of playback (even more when listening at low volume or to less-demanding output such as speech). There's no need to worry that the T7 will pack in part-way through a barbecue.

The £299.99 B&W T7 Bluetooth speaker is in stock now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:22/11/2014

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