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Arcam miniBlink Bluetooth DAC: blink and you'll miss it!

Arcam miniBlink Bluetooth DAC


Arcam has a phenomenal reputation for digital-to-analogue converters. Arcam's rDAC made a huge impression and changed the way many listened to their music held on computers, phones, the internet, etc. Its replacement - the irDAC set an even higher standard.

And now, the Arcam miniBlink does for affordable DACs what the irDAC does for mid-range ones.

Music data from Bluetooth devices is transmitted to the miniBlink. The miniBlink then translates that data into music that is more detailed and enjoyable than could be produced by the device itself. The resulting analogue signal is fed to an external amp from the DAC's 3.5mm socket. (A 3.5mm-to-2-phonos lead is supplied.)

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine has just awarded the miniBlink Product of the Year in the Accessories category. (Incidentally, Arcam's irDAC and A19 amplifier have also retained their crowns as best mid-price DAC and amp of the year respectively.)

The Arcam miniBlink is just £90 and, at this price, our initial stock is sure to go fast. Blink and you'll miss it!

Date of article:20/10/2014

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