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B&W P5 Series 2 headphones: no-compromise cans

B&W P5 Series 2 headphones


We love B&W's P3 folding headphones and are pleased to announce the arrival of the P3's new big brother: the B&W P5 Series 2 headphones.

The substantial build quality and luxurious design that are typical of B&W would suggest that the P5s should be kept at home. However, these headphones are designed to be let loose outdoors, too. The noise-isolating design prevents your music from having to compete with ambient noise. The P5's folding design allows the headphones to lie flat and be carried in the quilted carry case provided. Two cables are supplied: a conventional cable with a 3.5mm jack plug plus one incorporating a microphone and remote control. The latter cable allows users of Apple devices to take calls whilst on the move or control their iPhone, iPod or iPad with convenient controls.

The P5's earpads are held in place by magnets so they can be easily removed if there's a need to swap the cables or, after many years of use, replace the ear pads. Even the grille pattern has been carefully designed to produce an airflow that best supports high-quality reproduction.

There's no compromise anywhere with the P5 Series 2 headphones. The all-new drive units are like mini versions of hi-fi speakers, providing an engaging listen that, like the ear pads, is magnetic. The tremendous sound quality encourages long listening sessions so the comfort provided by the soft, sheepskin leather ear pads and headband will be welcome. The headphones represent £249.99 well spent and are available now from Hi-Fi Stereo.

Update: Wired P5s are no longer available but the P5s are now also available in wireless form for just £229.99 (originally £329.99). The P5 Wireless model uses aptX Bluetooth technology to offers the same, exceptional sound quality without cables, providing even more versatility. The P5 Wireless 'phones incorporate controls for pausing and skipping tracks and for taking phone calls. The battery life between charges is a very impressive 17 hours. A supplied USB cable allows the headphones to be charged by a computer. An audio cable is also provided to allow non-Bluetooth sources to be heard through the P5s. The model also comes with a luxury carry case.

Date of article:09/10/2014

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