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Canton DM 50: the baseline for soundbases

Canton DM 50 soundbase


Soundbases are a recent innovation. Like soundbars, they boost the sound of a TV through a single product. Where soundbases differ from soundbars is that the former are designed to also be plinths for televisions. The soundbase market is growing fast and the £399 Canton DM 50 soundbase is widely recognised as the best-sounding soundbase available.

Inputs include optical and coaxial digital connections plus a pair of standard phono inputs so the DM 50 can be hooked up to three components at once. (Cables are included for all three types.) The DM 50 will also stream sound from Bluetooth devices. There's a sub out but the Canton provides plenty of (well-controlled) bass. Despite having plenty of authority, the DM 50 is also capable of great subtlety, too.

A simple remote control is included, which can be used to change inputs, adjust the volume and tailor the sound. The soundbase also features a handy display which comes to life whenever it receives a command from the remote control but then turns off so as not to provide a distraction from the telly. The remote and the soundbase itself are well made and the latter can withstand a weight of 40kg.

Finish options for the DM 50 are black, white and silver.

The Canton DM 50 is the first star in this new (but fast-growing) market. To massively upgrade your TV's sound via a simple device, visit Hi-Fi Stereo to get your hands on this great product.

Date of article:30/03/2014

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