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Monitor Audio Silver Series speakers are silver-tongued!

Monitor Audio Silver Series speakers


Monitor Audio's highly acclaimed (and high-selling) Silver RX range has now been retired, replaced by the simply titled - but very capable - Silver Series.

For us, the best-selling Silver models have always been the most compact and affordable stand-mounters and floor-standers. With the new Silver Series, these are the Silver 1 and Silver 6 models, retailing at £500 and £1000 respectively.

Thicker cabinet walls, different fixings and dimpled drive units enhance rigidity throughout these speakers, producing detailed sound where other speakers may distort. All drive units are new designs and the tweeter can produce frequencies up to 35kHz - almost double what a human ear can cope with, so the tweeters have plenty in reserve. Low-end frequencies are also catered for effortlessly and these speakers can partner pretty powerful amps. Keeping with the human organ theme, these speakers could be described as "silver-tongued", being so articulate, competent and charming.

The eight-strong range includes a subwoofer, centre channel speaker and surround speakers so the Silver Series will appeal to movie fans who take their music seriously.

Matching Silver Series speakers to your listening room's furniture shouldn't be a problem as there are four real-wood veneer options (rosenut, walnut, natural oak and black oak) and (for an additional cost) black and white high-gloss lacquer options. Build quality is excellent, as always.

The Monitor Audio Silver Series is now in stock at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:04/12/2013

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