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Sonos PLAY:1: a dinky, wireless music player

Sonos PLAY:1 wireless music player


The new Sonos PLAY:1 is Sonos' smallest music player to date. Measuring approximately 12cm wide and 16cm tall, it's very easy to find a space for one.

As with the (continuing) PLAY:3 and PLAY:5 (formerly known as the ZonePlayer S5) models, each of the speaker's drive units is powered by its own amplifier. Because of the size, there's just a single tweeter and a single mid-bass unit but, like the other players, a pair of PLAY:1s can be used in the same room for greater stereo separation. The size of the PLAY:1 and the ability to use the player as part of a multi-speaker set-up makes it the ideal choice to incorporate in a Sonos home cinema system. Partnering a pair of PLAY:1s with a Sonos PLAYBAR and SUB would create a 5.1 surround-sound system that can also stream music.

The PLAY:1 can also venture where other players can't; it's resistant to humidity and so can be housed in, say, a bathroom. (Of course, it shouldn't be taken into the shower!) Previously, the only option for bathrooms, swimming pools, etc. was using a CONNECT:AMP with ceiling speakers, although such an arrangement would still result in better sound.

The PLAY:1 has a threaded mounting hole around the back for fixing to compatible wall brackets or speaker stands (both of which we can supply). On the top of the PLAY:1 are buttons for controlling the volume and skipping tracks but the unit is a breeze to control, thanks to the great free Sonos apps for iOS and Android.

The Sonos PLAY:1 is available in black or white. It costs just £169 and so is the new starting point for Sonos systems. Its size and features are bound to make it a massive success and it's already in demand at Hi-Fi Stereo so get yours from us soon.

Date of article:22/10/2013

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