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Pro-Ject Essential II: all hands on DECK!

Pro-Ject II turntable


With vinyl sales at a ten-year high, it seems timely for Pro-Ject to update its highly regarded Essential turntable.

The most obvious differences are the uprated tonearm and Ortofon OM 5E cartridge that are fitted to the Essential II. Another improvement is evident once the deck is powered up: the motor is quieter and minimises vibrations.

The Essential II is easy to install and use. A dust cover is supplied, as is a (hard-wired) interconnect. The chassis features a discreet power switch.

Many of the customers that purchase affordable record decks from us fall into two groups. One is those that invest in a deck for nostalgic reasons, wanting to revisit albums purchased in a time before CDs and downloads. However, we also have many young customers that also love the vinyl experience. And, priced at just £199 for the black finish (£209 for red or white), the Pro-Ject Essential II will surely appeal to both groups.

The deck is also available in a version that includes a phono pre-amp and USB connection, broadening the appeal of the turntable even further.

Many will want to get their hands on the Pro-Ject Essential II. To find out more about the deck and other great Pro-Ject turntables we have in stock, visit us soon.

Date of article:22/10/2013

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