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Marantz 6005 separates: two-year update; two great products

Marantz PM6005 integrated amplifier


Marantz has been leading the way with affordable, great-sounding amps and CD players for years. Every couple of years, Marantz produces new versions and somehow improves on what were already fabulous products.

Typically for Marantz, the new CD6005 CD player (£349) and the PM6005 amplifier (£379) have bags of features, solid build quality and, most importantly, terrific sound.

Like its predecessor, the CD6005 CD player has optical and coaxial digital outputs as well as analogue phono connections. Unlike the CD6004, though, the USB input can now handle WAV files and the display shows an extra line of text. The display can be turned off, as can the digital outputs to deliver a subtle sonic improvement at the touch of a button. As before, there's a headphone jack (with volume control) and everything else that was great about the CD6004 has been retained.

Sound quality is a definite step up, though, thanks to Marantz's tinkering with the design and components.

Marantz's PM6005 amplifier retains all the fine elements of its predecessor (the PM6004) such as two pairs of speaker terminals and an array of inputs that include connections for a record deck. The PM6005 also has (optical and coaxial) digital connections to allow, say, a television with a digital output to be heard through the amp. The 24-bit/192kHz DAC inside the PM6005 is shielded from the analogue section so there is no unwanted interferrence between the two.

Power output remains the same healthy figure of 45 watts into 2 channels (8 ohms).

The CD6005 and PM6005 are both supplied with an updated remote control that can control both products. Colour options are black or silver-gold.

The latest Marantz biennial update has done it again, producing two sensational separates. Both are in stock at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:16/10/2013

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