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Pro-Ject Debut Esprit Deck: making waves of the RIGHT kind

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit S/B turntable


Resonance can be a dirty word in hi-fi. Anything that can be done to reduce it should be applauded. In our last news article, we explained how Q Acoustics reduced resonance in its Concept 20 speakers through a novel cabinet construction. The new Pro-Ject Debut Esprit S/B turntable tackles the problem with a non-resonant acrylic platter. This not only improves sound quality but gives the deck a striking appearance.

Another benefit the Debut Carbon Esprit S/B has over the (still available) Debut Carbon model is a built-in speed switch, negating the need to lift the platter and adjust the belt/pulley arrangement when switching between singles and albums.

The Esprit S/B is supplied with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge and, as indicated by the deck's full name, a carbon fibre tonearm - another resonance-busting measure. A dust cover and interconnect are also included.

The Pro-Ject Debut Esprit S/B turntable costs £400 and is available in a choice of gloss finishes. It's in stock at Hi-Fi Stereo and, like every Pro-Ject deck we've stocked, will no doubt be another success, this time getting a-head on a platter!

Date of article:24/07/2013

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