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Q Acoustics Concept 20: speakers you'll be STUCK on!

Q Acoustics Concept 20 speakers


Q Acoustics was only formed a few years ago but immediately made an impact, producing great-value budget speakers. The company's 2010i and 2020i speakers are currently our best-selling budget models but, with the new Concept 20, Q Acoustics has produced a very special £350 speaker.

Despite being quite simple devices, speaker performance is dependent on many factors and many manufacturers have realised the importance of well-designed cabinets. Drive units produce sound through creating vibrations but the reproduction can be compromised by unwelcome vibrations produced as a by-product. Q Acoustics has tackled this problem with a novel approach: the Concept 20 speakers have a cabinet-within-a-cabinet design and the cabinets are bound together by a compound called Gelcore. Gelcore is an adhesive that never quite sets. But, listen to the speakers and you'll be glued to them! How does this arrangement make a difference? The Gelcore converts the unwanted resonances to heat instead of having them detrimentally colour the sound.

Despite having inner and outer cabinets, the Concept 20 speakers are still compact and are beautifully finished in gloss black or gloss white. High-quality bi-wire terminals are located on the rear and so are easier to connect cables to than the concealed terminals of the 2010i and 2020i models.

The Q Acoustics Concept 20 speakers are in stock at Hi-Fi Stereo and we're sure they'll be one of the most sucessful Q Acoustics speakers yet.

Date of article:24/07/2013

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