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Arcam rBlink: A DAC for Bluetooth devices

Arcam rBlink Bluetooth DAC


Want to stream music from a Bluetooth device through your hi-fi, and transform the sound quality of the tunes? If so, the Arcam rBlink is just for you.

The rBlink will receive music from any Bluetooth device and so is an option for customers who don't own Apple equipment (as well as those that do). The high-end DAC inside the rBlink's aluminium case converts the received data into high-quality music for sending to an amp/system. Anyone who's heard Arcam's fantastic rDAC knows just how good the company's digital-to-analogue converters are at extracting incredible detail from digital music.

As well as phono outputs, the rBlink also has a coaxial digital output. Connecting cables are provided for both. A power supply is provided but the unit can also be powered by Arcam's FMJ A19 amp. An Arcam amp isn't required to enjoy the rBlink's results, though.

The Arcam rBlink retails for £160 and is in stock at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:13/04/2013

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