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Arcam FMJ A19 amplifier: an instant classic

Arcam FMJ A19 integrated amplifier


In recent years, Arcam has been extremely successful with products aimed purely at the digital market, such as the brilliant rDAC. A few years before that, the company's Solo systems were introduced, which offer a no-compromise solution to those wanting separates quality in a single unit. It's nice, though, to report the launch of a more conventional item - the kind that initially helped make Arcam the respected brand it is.

Arcam's FMJ A19 amplifier is an integrated stereo amp outputting 50 watts per channel. (Pre-out sockets provide a connection to an optional power amp for bi-amping.) The audiophile components inside have been carefully chosen and are complemented by well-designed circuitry to produce sensational sound quality.

The A19's low-noise power supply can power not just the amplifier but (via the supplied cable) two Arcam rSeries components, such as the new rBlink Bluetooth DAC. That's not the end of the features designed for convenience or high-quality sound; a remote control is included and the display can be dimmed or turned off.

Two areas of hi-fi that have increased in popularity in recent years are listening through headphones and vinyl - headphones aided by the accessibility of digital music and vinyl regaining popularity despite the growth of digital music. The headphone amp built in to the Arcam A19 is no afterthought and rivals some separate headphone pre-amps. Similarly, vinyl lovers will love the phono stage but it can be switched off via the front-panel controls so that the input can be used as a regular line-level input instead. Not that the A19 has a shortage of those.

The Arcam A19 amplifier is a winner on all fronts and costs £650. It's in stock now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:13/04/2013

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