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Pioneer BDP-450: Blu-ray pedigree continues

Pioneer BDP-450 Blu-ray player


Pioneer's pedigree with video disc players is superb. The Japanese giant was one of the few to support Laserdisc and that experience was evident in the brilliant performance of its DVD players. Again, when Blu-ray came along, Pioneer instantly became the class leader with every product release. Pioneer's BDP-450 does nothing at all to harm the company's reputation.

The BDP-450 joins the highly acclaimed BDP-LX55. The new machine may miss out on a few less-essential features and not quite hit the heights of the LX55 for audio but, being £100 cheaper, it's a bargain. And, unlike the LX55, the 450 can output video as well as sound through both of its HDMI sockets.

The BDP-450 includes all the features you'd expect from a modern Blu-ray player (3D compatibility and network access) but includes less common ones, too (DVD-Audio and SACD compatibility) and excels where companies don't always succeed: brilliant picture, great sound and solid build quality. A slick App allows music to be streamed to the player from mobile devices.

The Pioneer BDP-450: the latest product from a company that has consistently produced quality AV equipment.

Date of article:13/04/2013

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