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Yamaha's RX-V673 AV receiver has the starring role!

Yamaha RX-V673 AV receiver


Yamaha's latest range of AV receivers includes star performers at all price points.

The entry-level receiver is the RX-V373. Available in black or titanium, the V373 has a neat front panel, a USB socket for playing back iPod/iPhone content, an FM/AM tuner and (unusually for a £249.95 receiver) auto calibration.

The input sockets include four HDMIs. The receiver can also pass 3D and 4K signals through to a compatible display.

The most popular price point for AV receivers is £500 so the Yamaha RX-V673 is likely to be the model that most customers focus on. As well as sharing the great characteristics of its smaller brother, the RX-V673 offers a few more features and nice touches.

The V673 features more power (and through up to seven channels instead of five). The speaker sockets are more substantial and (spring-clip) terminals for a second zone are also included.

Six HDMI sockets are present and, as well as passing 4K visuals through to a display, the receiver will also upscale non-4K images to 4K, too.

The USB socket supports iPad playback, too. Staying with Apple, AirPlay is incorporated so music can be streamed wirelessly from iOS devices. This networked receiver will also play back content stored on a PC, Mac or NAS drive and stream internet radio, too.

Although a remote control is supplied with both models, the RX-V673 can also be controlled by Yamaha's AV Controller App (available for iOS and Android).

And the V673's graphical user interface is even nicer.

The receiver delivers exciting and immersive surround sound but is just as adept at playing music.

Yamaha has a fine pedigree when it comes to home cinema and it certainly has a couple of blockbusters in its latest range! They're in stock now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:06/10/2012

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