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Denon 520AE separates: new budget superstars

Denon PMA-520AE integrated amplifier


Denon's hi-fi separates offer a great introduction to hi-fi or a great-value upgrade from a small system. The company has just updated its range and the new PMA-520AE amplifier and DCD-520AE CD player represent the new entry point for good-quality separates. With an SRP of just £179.99 each, hi-fi separates don't come much cheaper than this.

They're also suitable for simply replacing existing products that no longer work, especially as Denon offers a choice of black or silver finishes.

The PMA-520AE amplifier has more than ample power, outputting 45 watts per channel. Having an onboard phono stage, it can accept a record deck without the need for a pre-amp. It also sports tone controls - something else that not all amps have.

The Denon DCD-520AE CD player has been meticulously designed; signal paths are as short as possible and routed carefully between the high quality components, delivering optimum sound quality.

Each product is supplied with a remote control, and each can be used to control the other piece so, if a system is built around both items, there's no need to have two remotes within reach.

So, whether you're after your first hi-fi, upgrading or replacing, the new Denon 520AE separates should definitely be on your short list. Hear them now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:30/08/2012

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