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Denon D-M39DAB: another micro marvel

Denon RCD-M39 system


Right from the early days of compact, all-in-one lifestyle systems, one brand has stood out for producing affordable, great-sounding units: Denon.

Denon's latest system - the D-M39DAB (or RCD-M39DAB to give it its full name) - supercedes the award-winning D-M38 system and, as always, has been tuned for the discerning ears of the UK.

Perhaps the system should've been named the D-M39DAB+ because, as well as having FM and DAB tuners, the system's also ready for DAB+, should the UK adopt the format in the future.

The system also features a CD player but other devices can be played through the system, too; the USB socket is compatible with iPhones/iPods/iPads and the rear of the unit sports conventional phono inputs. Many modern televisions have optical digital outputs and the D-M39DAB's optical input can be used to play TV sound through the Denon unit - much better than using a TV's own speakers.

Already have speakers? The system can be purchased without speakers but we urge you to consider those such as the Mission MX1, the DALI Zensor 1, or the Monitor Audio Bronze BX1 as the system is at its best partnered with great speakers like these. Don't have any speakers?! Well, the unit has a headphone socket on its smart fascia.

The Denon D-M39DAB system is in stock now at Hi-Fi Stereo and, at £249.99, is great value and is already selling well.

Date of article:25/08/2012

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