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Monitor Audio launches trimless ceiling speakers

Monitor Audio CWT trimless ceiling speakers


As wireless multi-room music has increased in popularity over the last few years, so, too, have sales of ceiling speakers and many of the ceiling speakers we've sold in recent years have been made by Monitor Audio.

Monitor Audio's new Trimless series (also known as the CWT series) dispenses with the usual housing that surrounds ceiling speakers, making them more discreet. The speakers are easy to fit and are less than 4 inches deep. Once in place, they're covered by either circular or square grilles, which attach to the speakers magnetically. To further match your decor, the grilles are paintable and even come supplied with a paint mask and additional scrim.

Before putting the grilles on, though, you'll want to take advantage of the pivoting tweeter and point the tweeter towards your listening position. Sound quality, as you'd expect from Monitor Audio is terrific, with a high frequency response and decent power handling.

The CWT speakers are humidity- and splash-proof and so can be placed in bathrooms and swimming pool areas.

Options are as follows:

  • CWT140: 4-inch bass driver, 50 watts, 75Hz-30KHz, £105 each
  • CWT160: 6-inch bass driver, 70 watts, 60Hz-30KHz, £130 each
  • CWT180: 8-inch bass driver, 120 watts, 48Hz-30KHz, £160 each

Monitor Audio's new CWT speakers have much to recommend them. If you're looking to introduce music to a new room in the home or workplace (or even just want more discreet speakers for an existing listening room), call in to Hi-Fi Stereo and choose your trimless (but trim looking) speakers.

Date of article:27/07/2012

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