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B&W P3 folding headphones: quality on the go

B&W P3 headphones


The earphones supplied with portable music players don't get the most out of the devices but quality headphones can be cumbersome. B&W's new P3 headphones, though, deliver superb sound through a lightweight, folding pair of headphones. Folded, the headphones will fit into most pockets or the stylish, protective hard case they come with.

The P3s are available in either black or white, both nicely finished with brushed aluminium elements.

B&W has even put thought into what devices the P3 headphones will be used with and they're supplied with two detachable cables. One is for use with non-Apple devices; the other has a microphone and remote attached so Apple users retain all the features of their bundled earphones. And, being, detachable, the cables can be replaced in the future, if need be - no need to buy new headphones because of a break in the cable.

B&W is used to bringing technology developed for its more expensive speakers to its more affordable products but, here, the company takes technology developed for its speakers and uses it on the P3s in conjunction with the new drive unit design to help deliver fantastic sound. The bottom end of the frequency range is lower than any other headphones we typically stock. And they don't leak sound like most headphones do so your fellow commuters will be grateful!

Another nice touch is the heat-sensitive memory foam employed for the ear pads. They mould to the shape of your ears, becoming even more comfortable over time. And these, too, can be changed in the future, if need be. And, with them attaching magnetically, replacing them couldn't be simpler.

The first delivery of these sensational headphones is mid-June and, costing £169.99, they're sure to be a big hit. Reserve your pair now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:09/06/2012

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