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Cyrus amps score an A and CD players defy logic

Cyrus 6a integrated amplifier


We've sold loads of Cyrus amps and CD players over the years and we've never known a range that's been less than brilliant. The new and revised Cyrus products make owning Cyrus gear more affordable and yet they don't compromise on quality.

The Cyrus 6a amplifier is the new entry-level integrated amp. At £699, it's a massive £251 cheaper than it's predecessor (the Cyrus 6 XP). A version of the 6a with onboard DAC and digital inputs - the Cyrus 6 DAC - costs £899 (£351 less than the Cyrus 6 XP d). Both offer 40 watts per channel and, despite the price reduction, are sonically superior to the outgoing models.

The Cyrus 8 range offers more power and the ability to attach the excellent Cyrus PSX-R power supply for even better performance. The Cyrus 8a and Cyrus 8 DAC both output 70 watts per channel and have an SRP of £1200 and £1400 respectively. For £300, the 8 DAC can become the 8 Qx DAC, which incorporates an upsampling card so that digital sources sound even better.

The amps include a headphone socket and, to facilitate bi-wiring, twin speaker outputs. Names of inputs can be selected from an exhaustive list and the sensitivity of each input can be configured so that all sources have a similar volume at the same volume level - no more changing volume when switching from one input to another. A remote control is included.

As always, the Cyrus products are upgradeable so, for example, a 6a can be upgraded to become any one of the other models. And many older Cyrus amps can be upgraded to have a new life as one of the latest models.

It's not just amps that Cyrus has been working hard on; the CD components benefit from software upgrades and yet also have massive price reductions. The CD 6 SE2 and CD 8 SE2 players are priced in line with their new amplifier counterparts (£699 and £1200 respectively). For the ultimate in CD playback when used with an external DAC, transport-only options are available from Cyrus: the CD Transport (£599) and the CD XT SE2 (£1500). Typically, the CD 6 SE2 would be partnered with the 6a amp and a transport with, say, the 8 DAC.

Cyrus' colour options continue: all items are available in either brushed black or quartz silver.

Good things can come in small packages and that's certainly true of Cyrus components. If you'd like to be bitten by the Cyrus bug, like so many of our customers, call into Hi-Fi Stereo because now is a great time to discover just how good your music sounds on Cyrus equipment.

Date of article:09/06/2012

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